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PowerPlay is a social networking platform that connects amateur cricket players and fans alike across India.

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App Features

PowerPlay offers all your cricketing needs and connects you with friends and players alike.

League Management

Join or create your own league, invite your friends, play in matches, and compete using the dynamically updated rankings.

Player Profiles

Play to create a profile! Player profiles are generated based on previous performances and rankings determined by our algorithm.

Team Formation

Ensure fair matches with our comprehensive algorithm that creates balanced teams based on players’ profiles.

Scoring Interface

Record your matches with just a few clicks! Our interactive scoring interface can keep track of your match’s score live.

Live Streaming

Stream your live matches to other players in your league so we can all join in on the fun (and keep track of that score)!

Dynamic Ranking

Compete with your friends using our rankings! Each profile features dynamically updated rankings based on the player’s performances.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are always excited to answer all your questions! Feel free to reach out to us at admin@powerplayapp.online for more.

  • Who can join the PowerPlay app?

    Anyone and everyone can sign up and create a profile on PowerPlay! This platform was created to support amateur cricket players and connect cricket enthusiasts across the nation. You can keep track of your matches or look at your friends’ performances and cheer them on. No prior experience necessary. Sign up for free today!

  • You just need a valid phone number to use our app. A one-time-password (OTP) will be required for verification when you log in. If you are signing up for the first time, our app will help you onboard and so have your first name, last name, cricketing role, and optional profile picture ready!

  • Each player should create an account in order to access their personalized profile. A profile will include information like name, location, profile picture, and stats. An individual account is required to record and access all stats (match-related and team-related).

  • PowerPlay offers several features to assist amateur cricket players compete with their friends! So, the scoring interface is just one of many features, and it allows players to conveniently record their matches digitally.

  • Nope! Our app caters to amateur cricket players, so anyone and everyone can track the score of their matches with a few clicks. However, it is recommended to assign one player from the batting team as the umpire for your match.

  • Any registered user can create and administer a team or league on the app. Creator(s) or admin(s) of the team can edit league settings, start new games, schedule upcoming matches, invite players, or manually add the players.



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